Brad Pitt New to The Faith

Is this true.

This is a wow. Again, learn something new everyday. I had no knowledge of Brad Pitts belief or convictions. If this is true I am happy for him. All these years he has been one of my favorite actors. Despite his other personal business being in the news. This is interesting. His bout with alcohol and divorce have been publicised. Heavy Heavy! But o am Glad he is coming out of it alright. Some people never recover. He has so much to live healthy for.

Welterweight boxing champion Errol Spence Jr.

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National Homeless Day

Star of Hope Opens New Cornerstone Community

Honestly this is the first time I have heard of National Homeless Day!  I am tripping out because people are without shelter everyday.  I am excited about what the Star of Hope is Doing and has done for the Houston area.  They are doing this everyday! Families, men and women lives are being changed every hour on the hour at this Wonderful place. New Beginnings.  Second Chances.  I am so excited about this Community.  Star of Hope You are exactly what they say a Cornerstone! Please keep Rebuilding Lives!

I want to talk about a couple of Organizations that I use to work with. We use to feed the homeless together.  We use to give clothing to those that wanted or need them as well as toiletries for families! I don’t know of these orgs. are still out there but here is a shout Out!

Toiletries for Families, Team Salvation, and Trinity East United Methodist Church Food Pantry! God Bless You.

We Now serve as a Hub of Trinity East United Methodist Church.  We serve the Community every Second Saturday @ 10am.

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