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DRive thru Zoo


This is what happens when you try to enjoy the , “Drive Thru Zoo”. Cows have No Respect Of Person when it comes to Food!!!!

#Comedy #ThatCowwasHungryy #instagram

Laugh of the day

Victoria Rowell, is on a Roll!

Victoria Rowell Glowing!

Former Young and the Restless star, Victoria row has been seen in movies and more since her leave from the soap. We are seeing her a lot more now especially in the UMC Series The Rich and Ruthless.

But she has been up to a alot more. And has been said to have taken this streaming world by storm. Rowell, 61, has a handful of projects on UMC, BET founder Robert Johnson formed the network in 2015 which is also owned by AMC.

Also catch her do-it-yourself series, “Trash vs. Treasure,” 

Check out her book!

Rowell’s novels “Secrets of a Soap Opera Diva” and “The Young and the Ruthless

Praise Break

I know being trapped in the House can be a little over whelming. If you are a child of God you may just want to try this!

How Royal are You?