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Being Pregnant and Exercise

We as people have things in life that get in the way of us trying to keep ourselves happy. Some people have jobs that get in the way, some have television and some just have different vices. Now some have families especially when it comes to children. A woman will get pregnant and just stop working out. I know that there are some instances that a woman may have some medical issues or complications with the pregnancy. At the same time if she’s able to workout she should. Exercise helps with the pregnancy and helps the woman bounce back. There are exercises that a pregnant woman can do.

You have to base your workouts on your trimesters. You can still do stretching and strength training. Your first trimester is a time where you can do the exercises you been doing. You should always ask your doctor before you start any exercises. Exercise is very important whether pregnant or not. You have to be very careful and make sure you are doing every exercise right. When you have the baby you should keep working out.

Some women get post-partum depression and that is very serious. There are exercises that can be done to help with post-partum depression. Things like stretching, strength training, and relaxation. Don’t allow a pregnancy to stop you from getting in shape.

Lets get our children healthier

Hello everyone, today I wanted to talk to you all about our children. Sometimes you may hear a story about a child that died while playing a sport or doing something strenuous. Our children aren’t exercising like they should be. A lot of our children are over weight also. Most children don’ t want to exercise because it’s like work for them. We as adults or parents, have to get our children to exercise so they can enjoy life and live a healthier way of life. I have a few ideas that will help us get our children active.

1). Let’s get our children out of the house and away from these video games and cell phones. They spend more of their free time in front of a tv screen playing games or on social media. Let’s get our children out for at least 45 minutes to a hour. You can start by maybe taking them to a park or a track and just walk around. Now you will have to trick them so start a conversation about anything. Something to get their mind off the walk. Keep track of your time so they don’t get bored. You may have to make up things like racing them. Just whatever it takes to get them active.

2). Let’s work on their nutrition. Just like adults should watch what they are eating, children should also. I know kids are in school and can’t really get a proper meal but before they go to school and after they get out of school you can control. You can control food at school if you can get them to take a lunch but it will be hard, try anyway. Children come home and want to eat junk food and not a proper meal. You as the parent should be more involved with how the children eat. Start cooking meals at home to show them a better way and better choices.

With this being said, let’s help our children get active and live healthy.

How to really lose weight

There are three components to losing weight. The three components consist of cardio, weight training, and nutrition. These components will help you reach your goals whether it’s for losing weight or building muscle.

When you are trying to lose weight, ot can sometimes be very difficult. You have to be patient because it doesn’t happen overnight. Some people want to look at the scale everyday and that just makes it worse. You must keep your eyes on the prize and that’s your goal.

You must have the dedication and the hunger to reach your weight loss goal. You must remember in order to reach your goal(s) safely, the recommended weight lose a week is 1 to 2 pounds. If you lose too much too fast, you can gain it back fast and more. Those three components will help increase your metabolism and in turn helps you lose weight.

The three steps are:

Cardio: What is cardio? In simple terms, anything gets your heart rate up like running, walking, etc….. You can use equipment like treadmills, elliptical, jumpropes or outside tracks. Cardio should be done at least 3 times a week for about 45 minutes to a hour.

Weight training: Weight training consists lifting dumbbells, barbells and/or resistance bands. Weight training helps increase metabolism also. Anytime you increase your metabolism it helps you burn fat.

Nutrition: this is the most important out of all three. Nutrition is 85% of the whole format. You should eat 5 to 6 small meals a day. This helps increase your metabolism also. I know it’s hard sometimes to eat that many meals but it can be done. You must dedicate yourself to reach your goals.

In conclusion, Dedication Equals Transformation. If you dedicate yourself to reach your goals, you will live a healthier way of life.