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Jennice will Talk with Gospel Singer Trey Williams about the Worshippers United Tour coming to Houston!

Blessings to You!!

My name is Trey Williams, I’m from Corsicana, Tx and I am an independent gospel artist fresh on the scene who just loves God and loves to sing.

I’m not looking for anything other than the opportunity to share it with the people of God everywhere, spreading the love of God and praying that they feel him through my music. Reaching Souls is my mission and God is my director and I’m just sending the song out to everybody who will listen to it and I pray that it touches your heart and soul the same way it blessed mine! Hope to hear from you soon. Let’s Connect and worship together🙏🏾

Phone: 469-354-7213
Phone: 469-386-7326 (Zakiya Williams) (Booking Manager)

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Artist, Producer, CEO, Director, Movie Writer.

CentreStoneMedia Group Squad:2911 LLC

It’s Gospel. I take a different approach to showing what Jesus can do for us. Also my company is CMGSQUAD2911. I Aldo have a film division. My current two projects I’m working on is Lions & Hyenas (Ep) & Grown Man Business/The Burning Black Book (Double cd).

Tha Corinth

Dwayne M. Culpepper aka Tha Corinth. Some music comes from other places but with the experience ad growth of such an artist music comes from the heart. With beginning music at age of six Dwayne Culpepper began writing music from other peoples songs, along with playing the flute. In which playing the flute was something he was never taught how to do it a talent that was just picked up. With residing in E. Saint Louis Illinios , the oldest of six, being raised off welfare, Dwayne really didn’t have much to rely on. After dinner every night Dwayne and his siblings would perform for their mother due to they had no TV to watch. Growing up Dwayne see allot of abuse & drugs, drinking etc. His mother Mary L. Culpepper now married wanted better for her son and relocated to Minnesota.

Creating home in Minnesota Dwayne gravitated to music more and more each day. With the ability to recreate other musicians songs, this young man grew to writing his own songs, in which lead into teaching himself how to use words poetically in which lead into rap music. Along with rap music Dwayne became the leading drummer in his Highland Park band class under the covering of W Rayford Johnson. Dwayne would go on to perform at such events as the Festival of Nations, The Minnesota Mass Choir, The Saint Paul Ordway Theatre, Drumming and marching with Minnesota Police Band. In his spare time Dwayne would go on to create rap music with his sibling Antonio Culpepper. The two brothers would go on to record music in their group titled Tha Wicked Mob clique. The brothers created a company for the music naming it Judgement Day Records. At this time Dwayne would perform under the moniker Wickedface, in which the name was given to him by the way people, would look at him. The brother under the management of their mother performed in such cities as Saint Paul/Minnesota, Atlanta Georgia, Milwaukee Wisconsin just to name a few. The only piece of music to be released would songs such as My Brothaz Keeper & Tha Wicked Mob Sh–. The parted ways and Dwayne wanted to redefine himself and a better way of doing music.


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