My Gospel Soul and My Visit to The Black Store

The Black Store

8616 Cullen blvd In Houston Texas.

I met a vibe today that blessed my soul. I was riding around looking for a new address for my Thrift store and walk in to this place and wanted to stay. I am feeling good after meeting the owner Randy. Such a warm place. Talking to Randy resonated with a lot of the things I have been feeling in my spirit. The presence in the community and the goals The Black Store has agreed with me. I got a chance to tour the entire experience and let me tell you I felt so much excitement on the inside I didn’t know what to do. I really loved checking out the Local artist Section of the store. There is an entire lane/aisle of hair and skin care created by locals in the Houston Area. There are t-shirts and other merch by locals in the Store as well. I love this store. Some months ago my daughter song in a talent showcase there. At the back of the Store there is a full fledge Nails Salon. And it is made for Queens.

Please drop by The Black Store…

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