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What you cooking 🧑‍🍳 for Labor Day

What’s On the Menu…

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No Grill Go Problem

Fall off the Bone

People Coming Over? Need to get Creative

It’s all about Color! Makes you feel good!

Shish kebab is a popular meal of skewered and grilled cubes of meat.

For the meat lover!

Who Made the Potato Salad

Recipe Credit: Tastes Better From Scratch

Classic Potato Salad

· 35 min·Yield: 10

This Classic Potato Salad recipe is made with Yukon Gold potatoes, hard boiled eggs, and a creamy …


3 pounds Yukon Gold Potatoes4 hard boiled eggs1 cup mayonnaise1/4 cup buttermilk2 Tablespoons yellow mustard ((or half dijon))

More to come…

Best Frann Has Launched Shop Today

Hey Best Frann

Owner Iruamaj has launched her shop on Etsy. Bring us her box full of Goodies to share with your best friend. Sleep over, movie night or birthday party. Want a treat for your friends. Then this is the box for you! Ladies are you throwing a party for your girls and need that extra something. Well here it is. The “Best Frann” Box by Iruamaj. Click Below to order yours today!

Restaurant Review Killen’s Burgers

Lunch at Killen’s Burgers

So my husband wanted to take me to a place he read about on Facebook. This place was a blast from the past.

What a great atmosphere. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The staff was very welcoming. We got there right when it opened and no sooner than we order people began to come in.

Respecting social distancing the place was still a very inviting place to have lunch. The music played was temptations and other notable group from that time.

Social Distancing #respectcovid

Tamela Mann to Perform at the Democratic National Convention