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Magazine releases and repost

My Gospel Soul June 6 @ 8pm

Jennice will Talk with Gospel Singer Trey Williams about the Worshippers United Tour coming to Houston!

Check Out My Live Interview with Trey Williams

Blessings to You!!

My name is Trey Williams, I’m from Corsicana, Tx and I am an independent gospel artist fresh on the scene who just loves God and loves to sing.

I’m not looking for anything other than the opportunity to share it with the people of God everywhere, spreading the love of God and praying that they feel him through my music. Reaching Souls is my mission and God is my director and I’m just sending the song out to everybody who will listen to it and I pray that it touches your heart and soul the same way it blessed mine! Hope to hear from you soon. Let’s Connect and worship together🙏🏾

Phone: 469-354-7213
Email: trelly2350@gmail.com
Phone: 469-386-7326 (Zakiya Williams) (Booking Manager)

This masculinity conversation! KevOnStage weighs in.

This is the truth. We look for so many ways to find something wrong. Why can’t we celebrate each other’s success. Like we have a conspiracy complex that is so deep we can’t see straight. It’s sad. We have so many other things that need our voices. But let’s rejoice with one another, instead of trying to rob them of their shine.

Keep Striving Johnathan Majors!

Nina Simone

Sometime there is nothing to say. You just need to post! Enjoy!

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Miniseries: Kaleidoscope


This Miniseries is one of my favorites. I almost missed work. I was up late watching and could stop. I needed to see the next to be satisfied with what I saw on the previous. You have to check it. Giancarlo Esposito was amazing as usual. I made this so real. The plot twist, which was several did not disappoint and has me waiting for more. Can we please have a season 2. I have questions!