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Victoria Rowell, is on a Roll!

Victoria Rowell Glowing!

Former Young and the Restless star, Victoria row has been seen in movies and more since her leave from the soap. We are seeing her a lot more now especially in the UMC Series The Rich and Ruthless.

But she has been up to a alot more. And has been said to have taken this streaming world by storm. Rowell, 61, has a handful of projects on UMC, BET founder Robert Johnson formed the network in 2015 which is also owned by AMC.

Also catch her do-it-yourself series, “Trash vs. Treasure,” 

Check out her book!

Rowell’s novels “Secrets of a Soap Opera Diva” and “The Young and the Ruthless

Check out “My Gospel Soul” Juneteenth

Yesterday Black People all over the world Celebrated Juneteenth. Right smack dab in the Middle of a 2020 Respect My Race Modern day US Civil War. The states in the South were not freed until 2 ½ years later, which makes the 19th of June our day of Emancipation. The ugly truth is that still today black people are being hung from trees, figuratively and literally. Black Mothers are praying prayers for their Black Sons and husbands to make it home safely in “2020”. The powers that be, which govern towns, cities and states are still closing their eyes and turning their backs to what they know is straight up injustices because it’s a part of the system. A system that was set up to oppress, deceive and kill anyone that didn’t represent a white washed American Dream. 

When will this end? When will it be understood that God created us all. When he had finished his work, he said “It is Good!”