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Victoria Rowell, is on a Roll!

Victoria Rowell Glowing!

Former Young and the Restless star, Victoria row has been seen in movies and more since her leave from the soap. We are seeing her a lot more now especially in the UMC Series The Rich and Ruthless.

But she has been up to a alot more. And has been said to have taken this streaming world by storm. Rowell, 61, has a handful of projects on UMC, BET founder Robert Johnson formed the network in 2015 which is also owned by AMC.

Also catch her do-it-yourself series, “Trash vs. Treasure,” 

Check out her book!

Rowell’s novels “Secrets of a Soap Opera Diva” and “The Young and the Ruthless

How Royal are You?

Tonite: David Makes Man

James Daniels: This Show is a Realistic depiction of growing up in the Hood and all the problems that come along with it.

I personally couldn’t get in to it at first because I was busy, unfocused on the show. But finally I sat down and really saw me in slot of the characters. Especially this week. The mom became real to me. The discussion with her mom was on point. Made me think of the things we hold in and bury. Then eventually one day that old bag of bones climbs right out of the ground and says remember me. I am your pain, your fault, your fear, your self esteem snatch. “Till you do Right by me, everything you do is going to fail.” This show will deal with you. Looking forward to where this is going!

Empire… Cookie in a Crunch

So 🍪 Cookie is in trouble tonight. Damon had 📷’s. What’s a girl to do. I was floored when the Lion King decided to leave Cookie hanging out to dry. I promise I was tripping. After all that Cookie had endured to protect her family including him. Even though he had many exploits. She held up the Empire Flag!

This is Crazy!! Then for him to go as far to shoot her. I just knew when she went down it was over. Shot in the leg. Wow!

But the Lion King came on through. I guess he got that heart from the wizard at the end of the yellow brick road.

I Love Empire. More to come!