Today at Herbalife

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My trip to The Herbalife Club.   

Today I join the ladies at Herbalife Club and it was a joy.  We started off with a cup of Tea. The Tea I chose was Mango! It was delicious.  Then it was time to Zumba.  I joined the ladies on the dance floor.  I was high energy.  I could barely keep up!  But of course it was my first time on the Zumba floor.  We then had our breakfast shake.  I weighed in and did my evaluation.  This was a wonderful experience and I look forward sharing more from my journey.

Olga is Full of Life

How we met.  I met Olga in Walmart.  I am so glad I did.  I wanted to get her on the show.  Then I thought about the fact that she has a place where everything goes on and it would be awesome to catch her in her element!  This was truly and wonderful social experience.   I got to meet great people and Olga is so warm and inviting.  I felt like part of the family.

More to Come…

Thanks Olga