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Last night on Greenleaf.

Where do I start. Do I start with Clarissa?


OMG. What is she thinking? I guess you don’t quit a job unless you have another one lined up. I can’t say that I am surprised. She has the personality for this type of scandal. ☕

Now I read in my Bible that Charity starts at home and spreads abroad. But what the Lima beans is Charity thinking! “Jacob let me have this straight man.” Child please he’s is as “crook”ed as they come. And Jacob falling for this mess! Big brother protect his little sister. A mess! Where are your Parents!!!😂😂 ☕

Speaking of Jacob! Baby are you out to lunch. Your wife has been busy. Well getting busy. Honestly I thought by now they would be done. She pushes the “take your manhood” button quite often. Not forgetting that Jacob and his history of adultery is not helping. ☕ Jacob time to Launch an investigation. And you are gonna get whatcha looking for!

Lady May… I was in tears during her confession. That’s a big part of her healing to be able to say it out of her mouth. Her father started this. Her brother carried on this legacy of rape and abuse. She was a victim. But like we do so often, allow the shame of it to overtake us. Taking the blame as though for some reason it was our fault. I was in tears.

Watch “Tisha Campbell Is Reunited With Her Long Lost Half Sister” on YouTube

I was watching this and was messed up. Tears all over the place. I just wanted to call my children and just boohoo on the phone. This story is so unreal. Some people never get the opportunity to meet their biological siblings. There are people who are in arms reach of their family and will let little things keep them from each other. The Real was Real, foreal as usual!

God Bless You and your family Tisha Campbell.