Cookie Crumbled: Strongest Moment

Empire was really good Last night. I had to think before I could type anything. So much in one episode. Lets start with Cookies breakthrough. When you meet that one person you have to drop the shenanigans.

The lady here. I love her role. Cutting striaght through to bullcorn! Truth! You have to really be ready to do the work. Cookie is broken and let’s be honest, what stromg woman wants to be caught being vulnerable. All those layers of pain and disappointment. And trying to be everything that everyone needs except being or getting what you need. I love the interaction with her and the therapist. We don’t to ask for help sometimes because we honestly don’t know whats broken. Or we know but we have found comfort in or get a pay off from being broken. The work is hard and there is no definite time that the work will be done. The places and people and truths you have to comfront and be truthful about are not going to be easy to deal with. But like I said earlier…are you ready.

I love how they are bring this character Cookie into this place of healing. She needs it.

Alright, Next!

Mr. Lion. You..tripping! All the mess you took Cookie through and you thought throwing money at it insteadof yourself would be enough… Wrong answer! When did you ask her what does she need from you?

Question: Is this the end of Cookie and the Lion King?

My Goodness!

Cliff hanger! Was that Cookies Car? Will Both of them die?

Oh Lawd! It’s too Murch! 😭😓

Nipsey Hustles’ Estate

The picture shared all across the internet after Nipsey Hustles’ death. So many people were affected emotionally by his passing. There were post all over every social media platform you could find. Just to show love for an inspiration. He was from what I do know, a very powerful influence in this generation. After months people are still posting here and there. Today I ran across a post that was talking about his children and the fight for Guardianship. Sad that children go through this. Sad that families must go through this and see this through. I don’t know the entire story behind the other child’s mother. But her Guardianship was taken away and given to the Nipsey’s family. She was declared unfit. While London is Guardian of her son’s estate.

Binge Life: Batwoman

This has been added to my line up!  I am hoping this keeps my attention.  First time I fall asleep on this I am dumping it. The first 2 episodes I have watched so far are really interesting. Considering it has the same tragic story line of Most Super Hero’s.  The abandon twin that is seeking revenge against her father for not continuing to search for her after she was declared dead is something to watch.  The Twin that blames herself and that is constantly seeking her fathers acceptance is also something to watch. It’s really has a underlined realistic feel to it.  Now my son knows the story behind Batwoman.  But I am learning!  Now these crows!  The Jury is still out on that!  My son says that Batwoman is more brutal than Batman according to Comic Books!  So we will so what’s up!

I am Watching!