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Today in Houston

Houston just went through what some will say wasn’t a big deal. Well it may not have been a big deal to those that are use tok snow, ice and single digits temps but it was to Houstonians. Friday we were warned to get ready for a freeze. But our houses truly wasn’t ready. So now we have busted pipes.

This is not the worst. Some had to evacuate thier homes and move in with relatives. Some Houstonians had to be sheltered by organizations or other helps programs. It’s truly a time for people to pull together again and help ine another and if not anything else pray.

My Gospel Soul On The Move

The My Gospel Soul Crew is Headed to Crumbville, TX.

Watch “Tisha Campbell Is Reunited With Her Long Lost Half Sister” on YouTube

I was watching this and was messed up. Tears all over the place. I just wanted to call my children and just boohoo on the phone. This story is so unreal. Some people never get the opportunity to meet their biological siblings. There are people who are in arms reach of their family and will let little things keep them from each other. The Real was Real, foreal as usual!

God Bless You and your family Tisha Campbell.

National Homeless Day

Star of Hope Opens New Cornerstone Community


Honestly this is the first time I have heard of National Homeless Day!  I am tripping out because people are without shelter everyday.  I am excited about what the Star of Hope is Doing and has done for the Houston area.  They are doing this everyday! Families, men and women lives are being changed every hour on the hour at this Wonderful place. New Beginnings.  Second Chances.  I am so excited about this Community.  Star of Hope You are exactly what they say a Cornerstone! Please keep Rebuilding Lives!

I want to talk about a couple of Organizations that I use to work with. We use to feed the homeless together.  We use to give clothing to those that wanted or need them as well as toiletries for families! I don’t know of these orgs. are still out there but here is a shout Out!

Toiletries for Families, Team Salvation, and Trinity East United Methodist Church Food Pantry! God Bless You.

We Now serve as a Hub of Trinity East United Methodist Church.  We serve the Community every Second Saturday @ 10am.

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Tonite: David Makes Man

James Daniels: This Show is a Realistic depiction of growing up in the Hood and all the problems that come along with it.

I personally couldn’t get in to it at first because I was busy, unfocused on the show. But finally I sat down and really saw me in slot of the characters. Especially this week. The mom became real to me. The discussion with her mom was on point. Made me think of the things we hold in and bury. Then eventually one day that old bag of bones climbs right out of the ground and says remember me. I am your pain, your fault, your fear, your self esteem snatch. “Till you do Right by me, everything you do is going to fail.” This show will deal with you. Looking forward to where this is going!