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Praise Break

I know being trapped in the House can be a little over whelming. If you are a child of God you may just want to try this!

Good Gospel Morning

Father God in the Name of Jesus we need you to navigate us through this day. Give us this day. Most precious heavenly father. Our daily bread. We pray for your favor and grace in all that we need. We ask gracious Father that you lead us not into temptation. But that you deliver us from evil. Forgive us..our sins and debts. And forgive those that owe us and have wronged us. You are all powerful and all knowing. We seek your face this morning. Bridle our tongue that our words may edify. Let us speak words that will build up and lift up hung down heads. Lord protect our children, loved ones, family, friends, co workers. Go into the whitehouse and make your presence known. We need you now Father. Thanks for your love. Thank you for your peace. Thank you for your joy. Lord bless the homeless and displaced. Blessed the residents of Nursing Homes and other senior care living facilities. Go in to hospice. Go in to the ICU, ER, prisons, treatment centers and touch lives. Those that are innocent on death row and those that are not, touch right now in the mighty name of Jesus. We pray for marriages. Lord you are so worthy of all the praise. We give you the glory the honor and the praise in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen

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My Gospel Soul with Pastor J. | Assurance in God 10/14 by Jennice Jackson | Christianity

My Gospel Soul Radio with Pastor Jennice Daniels

On you Faith walk it takes absolute trust in God. Do You Trust Him? Do You believe that he can carry you through? Do you believe that he is with you all the way! Do You Believe? Test and trials come to show us where we are in Christ! You have to know where your are in order to make in your faith walk. God want to strengthen you in the places that you are weak. But you have to know where you are weak. That why we have trials and tribulations. So that we will know the Condition of Our Relationship with God!

Source: My Gospel Soul with Pastor J. | Assurance in God 10/14 by Jennice Jackson | Christianity