I was searching for something to watch on a boring weekend and came across this gift. Yes this gift to myself. Hooked. I was starting a new business, well reviving an old vision and boom, this show caught me. I have to admit. The eye candy got me first then I started paying attention to the way Spence didn’t take no for answer. Before I knew it I was taking notes and all caught up. This is an awesome playbook to watch unfold. It also helped me get more familiar with a sport my husband loves. The inside of the game. If you haven’t seen it and you are looking for a new Binge adventure “Ballers” is your next addiction. Now Go Be Great!!! 🤗

Charity Starts Home

This child right here. Not gonna lie. I love to hate her character on Greenleaf. Lawd have mercy. I am so happy Jacob saw what he saw. This snitching thing is about to run me straight on the set to snitch myself to Lady May. There is a snake in the Hen house. Help Us Jesus.

More to come!

Empire… Cookie in a Crunch

So 🍪 Cookie is in trouble tonight. Damon had 📷’s. What’s a girl to do. I was floored when the Lion King decided to leave Cookie hanging out to dry. I promise I was tripping. After all that Cookie had endured to protect her family including him. Even though he had many exploits. She held up the Empire Flag!

This is Crazy!! Then for him to go as far to shoot her. I just knew when she went down it was over. Shot in the leg. Wow!

But the Lion King came on through. I guess he got that heart from the wizard at the end of the yellow brick road.

I Love Empire. More to come!