Brad Pitt New to The Faith

Is this true.

This is a wow. Again, learn something new everyday. I had no knowledge of Brad Pitts belief or convictions. If this is true I am happy for him. All these years he has been one of my favorite actors. Despite his other personal business being in the news. This is interesting. His bout with alcohol and divorce have been publicised. Heavy Heavy! But o am Glad he is coming out of it alright. Some people never recover. He has so much to live healthy for.

2 thoughts on “Brad Pitt New to The Faith”

  1. I recall reading an interview when Shia LeBouf claimed to have become a Christian (I’ve not kept tabs on him); he said that though Brad Pitt was not a Christian at the time, he [Pitt] had helped lead him to his [LeBouf’s] decision to become a Christian through conversations they had while working a film together.

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