Tyler Perry Studios Grand Opening


Checking Out Tyler Perry Studio Photos on Instagram

Looking at these post on Instagram. These are some beautiful pictures. The fashion is Fabulous…I mean glamorous. Oh to be there. One day! One day! But until then thank God for repost.

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Credits and more below!

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I wish I could post pictures from inside this spectacular studio, but we’ve been asked to refrain. I got to experience the opening night with my sister @teraduvernay and it was beyond. A black man owns a studio lot larger and more modern than any studio lot in Hollywood. Disney, Warner Bros, Paramount, Fox and Sony could fit inside Tyler Perry’s studio lot at the same time – with 60 acres to spare. All on a former Confederate Army base. Our ancestors rejoice. I know they do. Twelve soundstages. A 200,000 square foot office complex. A whole neighborhood of historic homes and facades for film shooting. Perfectly manicured hedges all around. And beautiful black people working at all levels. A stunning achievement that will echo through the generations. Words can’t express the pride. And the joy. Bravo, @tylerperry. Stunning to witness. History made.




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