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Love Craft Country: Horror Series

This is a Must See! For Horror Connoisseurs! Sundays on HBO.

Lovecraft Country, a new series from HBO adapted from the 2016 novel by Matt Ruff, takes a critical look at the legacy of the controversial but classic horror writer, HP Lovecraft. By doing so it also sheds a light on the mode of literature he famously pioneered: weird fiction.

This is a crazy series. I am excited and scared and creeped out all at the same time. Just finished watching the first episode. And… OMG! This show is something to be talked about. I was just trying to check it out and got the shaking of my life. I figured if I watch it with the sun shining bright I would not be terrified. Nope. Jacked me up. I am ready for this series. Not watching at night!



What say you?



The “Regina King” starring as a Super Hero.  Taking black girl magic to the next level. Following in the foot steps of Halle Berry, Anna Diop.

After reading up on this I found out that she had some nay Sayers. They told her not to do it! But She did it anyway.  I just started watching. This is pretty good.  Taking me a minute to put stuff together.  I am definitely gonna keep watching.   I will have more later!