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Praise Break

I know being trapped in the House can be a little over whelming. If you are a child of God you may just want to try this!

Ghost Fans

Are you a Fan of Power? Better yet, are you a fan of Ghost…

Power: Leaked! Hope this is not true…

This is so jacked up. Why Lawd why? Why and who let this get out. I am so messed up right now. I want to ball up and scream. Who leaked this? I heard 50 did it. Shame on him. Then took a shot at my favorite girl, Taraji. Where does the madness end. 50 get some cents. And the crazy thing about it is that I am a big fan of 50 for real. But this has messed me up.

Power…Who Shot Ghost

I posted this question and there are some mad serious guesses going on!

Could this just be a pride comes before a fall? Could this be an hallucination? Did Tasha’s Stalker do it? 😲

For those of you that haven’t tuned in, Ghost has been shot. So we think. Many suspects are headed for Truth. All of them are strapped and ready to deal with St. Patrick. Meanwhile everything seems to be going his way. Well, not really. His daughter is gone. His marriage died along time ago. His son is a wanna be gangster. His ex-wifey has a druggie daycare that she’s training their son to deal drugs out of. The madness. Ghost life is a mess. But he insist that no one is going to stop him.

Well with the hallucinations”I see Dead people issues he has going on, he might be his biggest adversary. Don’t get me wrong, I am team Ghost all the way. But he’s broken. His brother from another mother killed his mistress. I mean the love of his life. James St. Patrick is Broken!

We shall see… Drum roll please! In January!