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Queen Sugar… Will they Come back?

Rumor has it…

Actually missing this Series. Truly. The story line was straight out life. The ups and downs of Family Relationships. The grudges. The Forgiveness. The Love and redemption. This was real and uncut. The Sacrifices and Family secrets. The character Nova is so raw and real it makes you want to tune in. It makes you want to see where her strong passion for all things uncovered and discovered will lead the family each go around. What is she truly searching for? Maybe we will find out if this Series pops back up on TV listings.

Character Raulf Angel: When I first watched this character I saw a very angry but desperate person. Trying to figure out his way. How to be a man and how to stand in his own. I love the way he loves and his faithfulness to situations that haven’t necessarily been faithful to him. It’s hard to forgive but his character can teach a lot of men that the path to Forgiveness really exist.

In it’s hopeful return, let see what the writers have in store for us.

The Last Season of Greenleaf

What in the Blue Blazes…

The Last Season of Greenleaf! I am distraught, angry, sad, and excited. I don’t know how to feel. This wonderful, jaw dropping, refreshing, deep, dirty tale of church drama has captured the hearts of many viewers. And now we are about to witness it’s finale. I can’t say I didn’t see it coming. The church was under attack. Marriages were being tested. Secret children were popping up out of prison. And Charity indeed started her destruction at home. What are we to do when this twisted tale comes to an end. How will they end Graces dilemma. Her endless conquest to expose to imperfections of her own family while keeping her hidden. Wait a minute Graces secrets have already began to trickle out. Grace your slip is showing! And our dear sweet Charity. Oh what twisted mangled webs you’ve weaved. Only to be humiliated in the process. Sweet baby Jesus help this child. I look forward to witnessing her finale. What will they write? Clarrisa and STD’s! Lawd Lawd Lawd! Where is she now? Will she clean up what she messed up? I can’t begin to wonder what Bishop and Lady Mae are up to. Will they get the church back? Oh My Lord. I am befuddled. Well I guess we are about to find out. Make sure to check out Greenleaf. The new Season and Finale is on the Horizon. Binge so you can be refreshed and ready.

Christmas Movie: Carole’s Christmas

Merry Christmas From My Gospel Soul

This Movie is Wonderful.  The Cast is Star Studded!

Starring Jackée Harry, Cayden K. Williams (star of OWN‘s David Makes Man), and Kimberly Elise, Carole’s Christmas follows Carole Jordan (Elise), a busy, overworked business woman who finds her life turned upside down after wishing she’d taken a different path in life.

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