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Watching Nope


OK. NOPE. I know I am late 👀 watching, but the way my work schedule is set up. I was looking for gross scary stuff and gore maybe. 😆 I love Peeles Movies. But I can’t quite get this one. I was on the edge of my seat. But it was like getting excited about a seafood restaurant and all they served on arrival was pork. I need to know about the monkey. I’m serious. I need to know why he was crazy. Now, I was baking cookies 🍪 and watching, so I may have missed something. And the huge butterfly at the end through me off. So it’s a NOPE for me. By the way… I am waiting for the next one. I am a Peele fan.

Next Movie: Me Time. Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg.

Ok One More

I love this show…OMG

Enough Said….well,

The first season was something else. I was glued baby to the tv. I was mad, laughing and crying inside and out. Help me Lord. This is for the Ladies. YOU HEAR ME!!!

Today On My Gospel Soul Radio

Apostle J Talks a Depression

Today on My Gospel Soul Radio Mental Health
Depression is an illness. It affects the whole body, including the brain. It can change how a person feels emotionally and physically.
Treatment options are often used in combinations. Possible treatments include:
Talk therapy
Exposure to light (for treatment of SAD)

National Foundation for Depressive Illnesses
1 (800) 248-4344
National Institute of Mental Health
1 (800) 421-4211
National Mental Health Association
1 (800) 969-6642
National Mental Health Screening Project
1 (800) 573-4433

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Rickey Smiley and The Obama’s

“I Am Soooooooo Geeked!!!! I just received this… This is one of The BEST DAYS OF MY LIFE!!! So Honored!” Says Rickey Smiley

I am sharing this because this is amazing to me. To know that we have had a president that was truly personal with the people. Rickey Smiley’s passion for our people and his family is heard daily on his morning show. I love it! I am a big fan of Mr. Smiley.

Breonna Taylor