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Shaq thought it was a Hoax.

Shaq thought the reports on social media was a Hoax. I did as well. Sitting at home browsing social media I ran across the report. I didn’t believe it. My husband turned to CNN. And there it was. Breaking News. For my son who is a died heart basketball fan, is still in disbelief.

I am praying that the way everybody is grabbing hold of their loved ones that it continues. Prayers going up for the Bryant Family! They need it sincerely!

Thinking about Kobe this Morning

From the My Gospel Soul Family Our Prayers Go Out to Kobe Bryant’s Love Ones. And for everyone that lost their lives.

NBA Legend Kobe Bryant Among 5 Dead in Helicopter Crash


Oh My God. We are stunned here at My Gospel Soul Magazine. Absolutely Shocked. So hard to believe that he is gone. He made such a impact on and off the court. We are devastated. My writers are devastated. In tears… Like we know him personally. This is a great loss. 41 years old still young. We are waiting to hear who was accompanying him. Calabasas, California

Our Prayers go out to his family and loved ones! ❤