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John Witherspoon Rest Eazy…

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I’m absolutely shattered at the news of my great friend John Witherspoon passing. May love surround his entire family and fan base – a comedy legend we’ll never forget. 🙏💜

Instragram Life: Regina did it Again

Instagram Life: Master P making Big Moves

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Percy “Master P” Miller, a former basketball player turned rapper/ entrepreneur, continues to make boss moves to further grow his business portfolio. He recently purchased House of Glory, a professional wrestling league, and is now planning to dominate the business side of the wrestling industry. #blackowned #blackownedbusiness #blackbusiness #blackbusinessowner #supportblackownedbusinesses #blackbusinessmen #blackbusinessman #blackbusinessmatters #blackbusinesses #blackentrepreneur #blackentrepreneurs #blackexcellence #blackboyjoy #blackboymagic #unapolegeticallyblack #buyblack #buyblackowned

A Post about “Power”

I watched this episode and all I could think was is “Ghost” seriously gullible. He really is out of touch with his sneaky son. And Tasha deciding to saving her son by throwing him in to the drug life. I have always said that Tasha was out of control. And I am not surprised. I love what the writers a doing here. Because you have a mother that needs money, but wants that and more. If you could be Ghost herself she probably would. She didn’t support her husband going clean so someone else did. Now she’s gonna take her son and live out her dream through him. Well, well, well. I am definitely waiting to see how this goes. Especially when his father finds out what Tasha has decided to do.

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…the boy still doesn’t understand consequences of the game.

So now Tasha plans to save their son from death and prison by molding him into a bigger drug kingpin than his father was.
Ehhh😳🤨🤷🏽 isn’t that like trying to smell the color 9 …but this situation will be interesting.

Will Tariq keep it💯 with Tasha like he promised?
Will Tariq be his mother’s downfall? 🤔hmmm

Season 6 Episode 607 • Like Father, Like Son

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