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Tonight was the last episode of Empire. All I can say is…What? The season started off with Lucious getting shot and Cookie blowing up. Somebody has some explaining to do! Fans are going in on this finale. Check Out this comment.

Empires Back for the Final Episodes

Cookie Crumbled: Strongest Moment

Empire was really good Last night. I had to think before I could type anything. So much in one episode. Lets start with Cookies breakthrough. When you meet that one person you have to drop the shenanigans.

The lady here. I love her role. Cutting striaght through to bullcorn! Truth! You have to really be ready to do the work. Cookie is broken and let’s be honest, what stromg woman wants to be caught being vulnerable. All those layers of pain and disappointment. And trying to be everything that everyone needs except being or getting what you need. I love the interaction with her and the therapist. We don’t to ask for help sometimes because we honestly don’t know whats broken. Or we know but we have found comfort in or get a pay off from being broken. The work is hard and there is no definite time that the work will be done. The places and people and truths you have to comfront and be truthful about are not going to be easy to deal with. But like I said earlier…are you ready.

I love how they are bring this character Cookie into this place of healing. She needs it.

Alright, Next!

Mr. Lion. You..tripping! All the mess you took Cookie through and you thought throwing money at it insteadof yourself would be enough… Wrong answer! When did you ask her what does she need from you?

Question: Is this the end of Cookie and the Lion King?

My Goodness!

Cliff hanger! Was that Cookies Car? Will Both of them die?

Oh Lawd! It’s too Murch! 😭😓

Empire… Cookie in a Crunch

So 🍪 Cookie is in trouble tonight. Damon had 📷’s. What’s a girl to do. I was floored when the Lion King decided to leave Cookie hanging out to dry. I promise I was tripping. After all that Cookie had endured to protect her family including him. Even though he had many exploits. She held up the Empire Flag!

This is Crazy!! Then for him to go as far to shoot her. I just knew when she went down it was over. Shot in the leg. Wow!

But the Lion King came on through. I guess he got that heart from the wizard at the end of the yellow brick road.

I Love Empire. More to come!