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😲 OMG Common and Tiffany Haddish?

Ok, what’s up? This is popping up everywhere on my timelines. And I have a million timelines.

Is it happening?

I don’t know how to feel this is Wonderful if its true. This is so natural looking to me. Like a regular everyday couple. I hope it’s true. It grabbed my attention because I am a Common Fan. I am in love with him. Ok. Enough of my borderline stocker rambling. Check out the sightings. They don’t look like they are hiding. There is also word of them being Quarantine together. Hey Now!

My Gospel Soul on the Move to Crumbville,TX

Thursday Feb. 27, 2020. Time:1pm

We are headed to the little quaint town of Crumbville, TX. A shop located in historical center of Thirdward in Houston, TX. These delicious treats have blessed and brought a lot of people together for community and good music at the Sweet Lounge.

We have more to come… Stay Tuned!

Crumbville: Vegan Treats

Godfather of Harlem

Why you should be watching!

Instagram Life: edubalicioustreats

Love these tees. I had a chance to taste these wonderful treats. I was at a Pop Up at This Artist Name Robert Hodge Studio in Houston, Texas. My children and I fell in Love.
Repost from @edubalicioustreats

Correction to Previous Post Just FYI These tees (NOT THE PREVIOUSLY POSTED TEES…those are still en route) are ONLY available for sale at Crumbville, TX! If someone tries to sell you one any place else they probably stole the box off my porch yesterday or they know the person who did…SMH!!! We will have more in stock soon!! I’m not mad at them…The tees are Dope AF!!! If I didn’t already have one, I would want one too!!! 😂😂😂🤘 S/o to the homies at @indiegrafix for printing the tees!!! Now let me go take a nap since I’m done baking @edubalicioustreats for now!! #more #comingsoon #indiegrafix #screenprinting #houstontees #truehead #grindfam #popupShop #sneakersummit #crumbvilletxtees #issacelebration #thirdwardtx #neighborhoodcookielady #bestlifeever #bakerslife #vegan #vegancookies #veganbakedgoods #vegansofig #doughchic #cookies #stuffedcups #cupcakes #treatinsideatreat #brownies #edubalicioustreats #crumbfix #crumbheadz #bakery #welcometocrumbville