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Who remembers This?

Taylor Talk: Fantasia and Her Husband talk about Relationships

I enjoyed this video. I agree with what the Taylors are talking about. Sometimes we hold people to a standard that is unrealistic for them. It’s a standard we live by but they don’t. My mother told me a long time ago that everyone was raised different. She told me that during a time when I was easily disappointed about folks that didn’t treat me like I treated them. I had to get over it. And love people for who they are. Listen below and I hope it blesses you.

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Monique Sharing a Story of Great Service

Instagram Life: Black Icons

Homeless to Her Own Restaurant

This is Such a Beautiful Real Story. Helps us all know that we can make it. Set your goals and face your obstacles. Conquer them. We have the power to overcome. It is on the inside of us!