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Powerful Movie Trailer for The Tenet with John Washington

Sex Talk… For the Married! According to the Bible

You betta Sang!

😲 OMG Common and Tiffany Haddish?

Ok, what’s up? This is popping up everywhere on my timelines. And I have a million timelines.

Is it happening?

I don’t know how to feel this is Wonderful if its true. This is so natural looking to me. Like a regular everyday couple. I hope it’s true. It grabbed my attention because I am a Common Fan. I am in love with him. Ok. Enough of my borderline stocker rambling. Check out the sightings. They don’t look like they are hiding. There is also word of them being Quarantine together. Hey Now!

What Are Your Dreams

It Can Happen

Do you believe in yourself? What are your goals? Do you know that it can happen?

In this life there are many obstacles. But even more when you have decided to go after your dreams. Most of the obstacles are the ones that are formed from within you. You have to step out in faith and leave fear behind. Know that what you desire to do or be is going to be worth the fight. Worth the rejection. Worth the storm. You have to Understand that its apart of the process. Victory is coming.

Women Support Each Other

I find what she is saying so true. We are aways finding faults and flaws in each other as women. We must learn to be more supportive instead of petty and competitive. Empowering and uplifting one another. I pray that that could be the next big movement.

Have you experience this? How do you feel about it?