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December 8 on My Gospel Soul

Biography for K-Mor (Kim-Messenger of rap) 

Kim grew up in a neighborhood where addicts smoked pipes in broad daylight; prostitutes worked the night and day shifts, and violence lurked around the corner waiting to claim its next victim. At the age of 13, Kim became a victim of violence, which subsequently led her to consider suicide. Through God’s grace and mercy, Kim was able to turn tragedy into triumph and wrote her first rap at the age of 16. 

After receiving salvation at the age of 20, Kim wrote her first 

gospel rap and has been diligent in her ministry for more than three decades.

God has blessed Kim with a new name for her new gospel rap ministry: K-Mor (Kim-Messenger of rap).

Her goal is to lyrically reach people of all ages and ethnicities and share the good news about God and her testimony of how He took her from “hard times and cold streets to smooth rhymes and hot beats”. 

Please visit: for complete bio, videos, music, and more

**Please support this God ordained ministry in person from K-Mor or online at or 

and at all music downloading platforms**

Power…Who Shot Ghost

I posted this question and there are some mad serious guesses going on!

Could this just be a pride comes before a fall? Could this be an hallucination? Did Tasha’s Stalker do it? 😲

For those of you that haven’t tuned in, Ghost has been shot. So we think. Many suspects are headed for Truth. All of them are strapped and ready to deal with St. Patrick. Meanwhile everything seems to be going his way. Well, not really. His daughter is gone. His marriage died along time ago. His son is a wanna be gangster. His ex-wifey has a druggie daycare that she’s training their son to deal drugs out of. The madness. Ghost life is a mess. But he insist that no one is going to stop him.

Well with the hallucinations”I see Dead people issues he has going on, he might be his biggest adversary. Don’t get me wrong, I am team Ghost all the way. But he’s broken. His brother from another mother killed his mistress. I mean the love of his life. James St. Patrick is Broken!

We shall see… Drum roll please! In January!

Beautiful Wedding Colors

Repost from @bride_vibes_

😍Such a Beautiful Bridal Party 😍 The color combo is everything!💕Each dress compliments these ladies perfectly 📸 @stanlophotography “Good friends are better than silver & gold ❤️
Photographer: @stanlophotography
Bride: @misskeylice
Dress: @phyliciaellis
Planning & Decor: @wildflowers_bahamas
Bridesmaids Dress: @phyliciaellis
MuA: @yeishaforbesbeauty
Hair: @sunshine_amen Girls: @shafeeqmom @_aliciarenee1 @everything_exotic1 @semckzie

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Movies: Old School Throw Back

Although notorious New Orleans gangster J.D. Walker (David McKnight) is shot and killed in the 1940s, his spirit remains restless for three decades, until a hypnotist’s supernatural nightclub act allows him to take over the body of Isaac (Glynn Turman), a mild-mannered law student. After inhabiting Isaac, Walker decides to hunt down the Rev. Elija Bliss (Louis Gossett Jr.), a former criminal who helped the authorities find and assassinate the mobster years ago.Release date: August 25, 1976 (USA)

This was better than I thought.

One of the Final Scene. Enjoyed it! The story line was awesome. I stayed glued to the 📺.

Music News

Admission Scandal: Turning Up the Heat


The Daughter may become the Defendants


Read More:

This is a sad story but something to follow.  Since she didn’t take the plea deal it open her daughter up for charges.  They turned up the heat. This is my understanding.  They want someone to make an example of.  This seems as though it’s going to go on forever.

Parents point of view.  Anybody will do whatever it takes to help their children.  In this case now that we all know and people are being prosecuted, what will the real consequence.  People feel that Felicity got off easy compared to known Celebs Regular everyday people are getting the book thrown at them.

Huffman served just 11 of her 14-day sentence for her role in the widespread college admissions scandal. felicity-huffman