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Mask On…No Drama

Put it On!

Mask On, No Drama. What do you do? You put the mask On. That’s what you do! Pandemic, contagious, germs…Drama! Why are people still playing like this is not real. This is indeed real. The elderly are dying at alarming rates. People of color are dying. What will it take for people to understand that a mask can save your life and the life of someone else. Asymptomatic! Now that’s the true silent accomplice in the spread of COVID 19. Quick Question! If you’ve had it before, can you get it again? Seriously! Answers please! What are they doing in these labs? The world deserves ANSWERS! Especially the families of love ones who have passed away.

Many people are staying home to avoid the hassle of a mask. Some are home just out of shear fear and some just to avoid the deadly summer heat. The numbers are high says the reports. More and more people are testing positive everyday. D.L. Hugely was asymptomatic and infected his staff or someone that was apart of the staff infected everyone but he just so happen to fall out first. The point is COVID 19 is everywhere. And the best thing to do is wear a mask. Get tested and follow the proper protocol if you are found to be positive. Quarantine! Wash Your Hands. Carry Hand Sanitizer on your person. Be careful out there. And another thing. Pray for Answers!

Check out “My Gospel Soul” Juneteenth

Yesterday Black People all over the world Celebrated Juneteenth. Right smack dab in the Middle of a 2020 Respect My Race Modern day US Civil War. The states in the South were not freed until 2 ½ years later, which makes the 19th of June our day of Emancipation. The ugly truth is that still today black people are being hung from trees, figuratively and literally. Black Mothers are praying prayers for their Black Sons and husbands to make it home safely in “2020”. The powers that be, which govern towns, cities and states are still closing their eyes and turning their backs to what they know is straight up injustices because it’s a part of the system. A system that was set up to oppress, deceive and kill anyone that didn’t represent a white washed American Dream. 

When will this end? When will it be understood that God created us all. When he had finished his work, he said “It is Good!”

Houston on it’s way to a complete shut down.

Photo by Jennice Jackson

Is the city easing us into a total shut down. The Medical Center in Houston is one of the world biggest and best places for patient care. Nevertheless it too has been majorly impacted by the Corona Virus. This place on a Tuesday is almost like a Ghost town. Certain places are being section off from the general public. All you will see is scrubs. They are closing doors to visitors. The restaurants along the streets of the Medical Center have signs up listing temporary times of service as well as signs that so closed til future notice. This is not going to be resolved easily.

The rail has fewer passengers. Face mask are everywhere. In and out. That’s seems to be the phrase of the day and the up coming weeks.

Went for lunch at MOD Pizza and got a surprise. Only a 10 allowed in at a time.

Line out side.

No eating inside. Grab and go! In the inside of the restaurant there was nothing but a line. Matching the lengthy one outside. No chairs out some tables turn down.

This is serious whether you believe it or not.

The world is in mess. What will be done to end this. School in Houston have been closed and it looks as though they will be closed for the rest of the year. All classes are being done online.

Maximizing Your Tax Return

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