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Surve – My worship


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Surve was born on the 19th day of February in Hammond Louisiana. Surve started his music career at the age of 7 doing talent shows and local venues for youth events. At the age of 15 he was performing for a local crowd in his hometown, where he ran into a upcoming label, Cut Throat Records, created by former rap artist James Tap Jr. (aka Soulja Slim), who was looking to push more artists before he was shot and killed. 2017 Surve signed is first independent major with the inc under the name Young Choppa where he spent his time there opening up for artist like UNLV, Choppa style, cheeky black, lil boosie, Webbie, & Mrs Tee. Fast forward Surve became a positive influence in 2013 after leaving his label & rap group, that same year however he was also gunned down by one of the group members over a dispute over his faith. For 9 years now Surve has been on a mission to serve communities all over the world by outreach programs, and currently owner & founder of Yahshua KiKs & Apparel which produces the Yah 1 Genesis, the first Faith Based sneaker & the first shoe designed for outreach. Over 15 years writing songs for other artist & labels Surve is the first CHH artist to be wrote about in rolling stone & made features in hip hop dx this is 50 & digital journal. 2018 Surve started writing for an up & coming independent major label Guin Records where he signed for 1 album the deal ended in 2019 when the label decided that Surve was too positive & decided to take a more negative route.


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