Relationships are a trip…

I am so sick and tired of this mess. There are too many videos with men talking about what a relationship is. A relationship is different for a different people. No one has the ultimate answer for relationships. I look at the word relationship relate and ship is in the word. Relate means it’s two people who relate to one another. I hear people say opposites attract, that’s true but somewhere in there they relate. Relating to one another is Major in a relationship so with that being said. We have to really stop this conversation. Because  what works for you may not work for me. Then, we have the conversation veering towards masculinity and femininity. Instead of it leaning towards who are you, what do you desire and waiting on the right person. Patience Danielson. Oh if she is a breadwinner she’s masculine if he is a stay-at-home dad he’s feminine.


The ship. Let’s talk about the ship in relationship. Okay so we talked about relating. Two people can relate to each other regardless of being opposites or the same. You still have to find a place where you relate. Then you decide okay we relate and like each other.  Let’s get on this ship together. And and just like a ship there will be turbulence, storms and ups and downs. But you’re on a ship so you already know that these things will come. So since you are on the ship get prepared and enjoy the ride.

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