Taye Diggs is in-love… 4real

Can you find love for real a second time. I have been watching this couple. And we all know what April went through with the two friends let’s just say that. But to see her smiling and in a good relationship with a good man is awesome. Also we can look at Taye Diggs. He went through a divorce and still found love.

What we are looking for!

There is this title call “my person.” Have you met your person. Maybe you’re not looking for your person. Maybe you have no clue what quote unquote your person is. A lot of people walk through life and never meet that person. was on my mind a couple of days ago.

This was on my mind a couple of days ago. What would it be like to experience a person who is your best friend you know everything about each other and you are crazy and doing life together. It is a dream of a lot of people to find their person. So my words to you today are be patient in Love, in friendship and in passion. And your just might run in to your “Person” good night.

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