MGSM Highlight: Union VibeCam LLC

Union VibeCam LLC is now Union VibeCam LLC.
Union VibeCam LLC also offers notary services.

God’s blessings has given me the ability to continue using my many talents to serve the community.
Thank you to all my clients and supporters you are appreciated!

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2 thoughts on “MGSM Highlight: Union VibeCam LLC”

  1. To take your most precious moments & bring them to beautiful real life image who knows & have the love for true photography photos & give you the photo of a lifetime couldn’t ask for a better photographer & company UnionVibecam LLC #1 top photos


  2. One of the best of the best in the photography business. No matter the weather, circumstances, or place located, she is always there prepared and ready to deliver the best photos out there. Crisp clean photos, experienced with the angles and position for the clients to be on point for there photo. Don’t miss a beat with her at all, really professional with her skills in the photography business.

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