On the Move for God’s Children: Minister Rosalind Riggs

Hello My Gospel Soul Family, how are you? I just wanted to let you know the children love those teddy bears and I put a little cross necklace around their neck it was so good it was so God I’m going to send you some pictures okay ten little young Souls gave their life to the Lord oh my goodness we had a party I told them God had me give this big party just for them Hallelujah that’s the kind of good God we serve love you have a blessed day

Every child left with a Bible in their hand.This is a pic of the 10 souls that gave their hearts to Jesus!!! Praise Jesus FOREVER!!!
So many donations “Overflow”
They were listening. The seeds were sown in Jesus name.

The bicycle give aways. 2 of the boys who were saved got their names pulled and won bikes.
I told them God has blessed them with wheels so they must spread the word they are able to move around and tell their friends and family about the love of Jesus😁

Look at this precious one reading her Adam and Eve book or at least looking at the pictures intensely
This little girl was so happy to get one of the donated 📚 books 📖!

Thank you so much for your donation of the Bears and your precious prayers!

Blessing to Gods Children: Minister Rosalind Riggs

These 3 precious children lost their Sister, Cousin and Aunt in the shooting. BUT GOD IS HEALING THEIR HEARTS AND THEY KNOW THAT THEIR LOVED ONES ARE WITH JESUS!
I prayed with them. They all have God’s peace covering them. They are also now armed with my prayer book!😗

Good morning My Gospel Soul . I just wanted to share a few pics from my Uvalde Mission day trip on last Saturday.A team from my church along with other churches were there. God’s peace is covering Uvalde Texas

This is a painting in the library of all the children and teachers that were killed, walking up to Heaven!

God is SOOOO FAITHFUL! This was such a good trip. It was a God trip. 😇