Movie: I Care A Lot

Rated: 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿 Must See

This movie is OMG! Have you seen it! I was mad through the entire movie. It was sad and cruel, but good! Rosamund Pike was believable. Played the role so good if I ever meet her I would feel some type of way. Then I would shake her hand! Peter played the hell out of his role. His relationship with his mother was touching. Made me feel sorry for Pike. Y’all, this movie was good and ended as needed. Revenge is beat served cold! FACTS!


Binge Life: Pieces of Her

Pieces of Her! Chile’ Listen…

Rate: 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿

Y’all, I loved this one right here. Thriller it is! The action started immediately. I was very annoyed with the daughter. I am talking yelling at the TV annoyed. I was looking for more from Omari Hardwick. But I guess this was not a stage for ghost. At first I thought is was going to be some gangster Mr. and Mrs. Smith type stuff but nope. This was straight up scandal laced with a deep devious back story.

Y’all!!!! Watch it!