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Candles By Cocoa Queeny 

Wonderful Fragrances with Meaning

by Queeny  on April 18, 2022

Good Day Everyone.

I would like to tell you all about my new adventure.  I am making candles.  I started out 4 years ago in pursuit of a business that would help supplement my income and help my organization.  I sold jewelry, t-shirts and other crafting projects that worked for a moment but didn’t quite do what I needed it to do.  Then one day through the inspiration of my niece I set out to learn how to make candles.  I wanted to provide something that people were always buying and that I could also use my creativity along with it. And I have found it. Candles and Melts by Cocoa Queeny. I have a secret.  I really have had a problem believing that anything I do would be successful. I also surrounded myself with the wrong people. People that were negative, critical and inconsistent.  This fostered the same spirit in me towards myself.  I would start and stop. I look for support from the same negative people who would start and stop on me. I had to change my surroundings by first being truthful about the atmosphere that I had allowed to develop around me. Now that I am free, I can focus on making this business a great success.  

I don’t want you to give me anything.  I want to earn your business. I have some fragrances available for you to choose from. They are listed below:

Cocoa Queeny’s Menu

1. Lavender  ….    2. Butterscotch Cookie Dough…. 3. Creamy Nutmeg  4. Sandalwood   .. 5. BlueBerry Pancakes … 6. Chocolate Fondue….. 7.Caramel Nut Muffin … 8. Cinnabon …. 9. Eucalyptus … 10. Rose …. 11. Ocean  12. Peppermint … 13. Lemon

To Place an Order call 832-992-9649

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