Matrix Resurrections

Before: OMG… So ready. Are you?

After: 😡😤

Did I miss something. I am thinking I am disappointed because I love action. I love ac….tion! Serious business. Other people love it. I could have gotten some sleep. Keanu Reeves is a action movie Icon. He has been thrown in to this dead digital vortex like old people at a class reunion. Trying to see if they still have it. This was not a good follow up to what we have known as the Matrix. The mirrors, the seventies fashioned candy man that is a mir cover for our beloved Morpheus was a reach. Jada Aged ruthlessly and trinity got up with Neo’s Power. I am done!

On to John Wick…. What you got for me? Redemption is yours. One more thing if wanted Neo Gone… You should have woke Trinity and tipped a 40 to his memory.

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