Robin Roberts’:Mahalia

What a movie!🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿

This wonderful stories played out by this Actress…

Danielle Brooks is getting a lot of love and praise for her portrayal of gospel songstress Mahalia Jackson in an upcoming biopic about the singer’s life. As it turns out the world might have Jennifer Hudson to thank, in part, for inspiring her.Apr 9, 2021


I can truly say this was amazing. To feel so close to the star and actually relate. I remember the old country churches and the strict rules when it came to music. You had to make sure when you song people knew right away it was the gospel. Better not get caught singing the blues. This movie took me some places. It brought encouragement and confidence in being proud in my uniqueness. There was no one like Mahalia. Even her love life was one that people could relate to. After all everyone wants to be loved. This movie for those of you that have not seen it, is a must see. The singing will give you chills…and you may even feel a touch from the Lord.

Matrix Resurrections

Before: OMG… So ready. Are you?

After: 😡😤

Did I miss something. I am thinking I am disappointed because I love action. I love ac….tion! Serious business. Other people love it. I could have gotten some sleep. Keanu Reeves is a action movie Icon. He has been thrown in to this dead digital vortex like old people at a class reunion. Trying to see if they still have it. This was not a good follow up to what we have known as the Matrix. The mirrors, the seventies fashioned candy man that is a mir cover for our beloved Morpheus was a reach. Jada Aged ruthlessly and trinity got up with Neo’s Power. I am done!

On to John Wick…. What you got for me? Redemption is yours. One more thing if wanted Neo Gone… You should have woke Trinity and tipped a 40 to his memory.

Spider-Man…No Way Home

Review: 🍿

I am so blank on this movie. Can I say No! You don’t cure the villains. What would we need Heroes.  Don’t Cure none of these evil geniuses. Why would you cure the Green Goblin? No! Why would you? I am thoroughly disgusted. I don’t understand why we would mess up something, to fix something that is necessary for these universes to exist. This is ridiculous. Stop… No… Quit all of that. This Spider-Man no way home should have been name Spider-Man should have been Spiderman no, go home!