Our Kind of People

Starring: Yaya DaCosta; Nadine Ellis; Lance Gross; Rhyon Nicole Brown; Alana Kaya Bright; Kyle Bary; Joe Morton; Morris Chestnut

Yesssssssss! Review:🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷

A Lee Daniels Joint

I am addicted. No joke. I am so here for this drama. Baby I was glued to the TV and I am ready every week. I have been debating if I should let the episodes pile up so I can binge. Or should I watch each week. Decisions Decisions!

Listen, you have to get into it. This is the drama you need. This has the tea the coffee the sugar and more. I love it. You have string black Leading Ladies and Men. I want to know the secret. Oh My God. What is going on. See I am addicted. The Hair the Fashion this show has it all. Check it out then come back and leave a comment.

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