What is business Casual?

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Many people are preparing to go back to work and a lot of corporate jobs are hiring. They are asking for you to be business casual. And lets be honest. A lot of people don’t know what that looks like. Recently I saw a young lady in a spandex pink dress with flip flops heading to work. She didn’t really know what business casual was. So lets help. I have been to a couple of sites just to see what it actual looks like.

Men & Women

Mix and Match

photos from Pinterest

You find that in Most of these looks there is indeed a blazer. I found out that a jacket can add the business to almost any outfit. Say you are on a budget and just got the job. You need to do something Quick and cheap. First thing to add to your wardrobe if you don’t have already, is a pair of black slacks. This is true for men and women. When a pair of black slacks are in your closet you are a giant step ahead of the game. Next you need to find a blazer or cardigan ladies. These are your best friends when it comes to changing things up and making it to that first or second paycheck. Next step look through your closet for solid color tops. Button up, V-neck or camisole will work. It can be short sleeve, no sleeve, even tube. Just throwing that in for the ladies that are going for a drink after work. Now its time for shoes. The go to is a black flat and for the fellas a loafer. Now you have and couple of Business Casual Mix and matches you can paly with.

From sweaters to Cardigans to button ups and blouses, the possibilities are endless.


Another thing to consider, if you are that thrift person that loves a great deal. Hit up local thrifts and dress for success organizations. When I started my office job. I hit the thrift store here in Houston. Tuesdays are $.50 for everything in the store. And Wednesdays are $.25. That’s a Shopping spree for $20.00. That for those that are trying to making to that first pay check.

Business Casual is Exactly what it says. Casual with a hint of Business. office attire that can quickly transform to Casual.


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