Love tribute… So beautiful Teddy and Tina Celebrated 21years of marriage.

This is a beautiful song by one of Gospel Music’s powerhouses. They made twenty one years and are standing in strength through Jesus Christ. Using Godly principal to deal with infidelity, unforgiveness and more. Check our this Celebration of Love.

From Their Facebook Page

We are REALLY looking forward to THIS! We have some GREAT topics yall! We will be sharing our perspective on life, love, family, and faith via our debut web series entitled “10 Minutes With Teddy and Tina”, premiering Tues, Feb 14th, Valentines Day.

If our journey, thus far, has encouraged you, inspired you, or had a positive impact on you, your marriage or your family in some way, please share your story with us, briefly, by emailing us at
God bless u guys!

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