The Five heart beats … This was the Movie back in the Day

Look at this photo of the Cast of the 5 heatbeats.

On Juneteenth, The Tribeca Film Festival celebrated the 30th Anniversary of the 1991 musical drama, The Five Heartbeats. #thefiveheartbeats @tribecafilmfestival ****************************************At the #redcarpet celebration of the film, we had the opportunity to talk with Robert Townsend, along with fellow actors Leon, Henry Lennix, John Terrell, and Tico Wells to discuss the #legacy of the #film We talked about how the film resonates with modern audiences and how the film’s themes and story are still applicable today.

When I ran across this picture on instagram all kinds of feelings ran through me. Happy then sad then full of Joy. This movie was epic especially for us. Those who sing had a dream of being discovered…all of that. The music movies were must sees and quoted everywhere.