Moving to a New Home

This right Here! moving is so awful. My experience this past month has been completely traumatizing. I told my husband; lets get boxes at the beginning of this debacle and he opted out. Oh My God. I can’t begin to explain the chaos that ensued after this decision.

So let’s fix this for you.

To make moving easier, you should move room by room. Start with your least important room. You want to start with this one because when transitioning from one place to another, youll have a hard time trying to decide where to sleep if you move your most important room first. For instance, your main bedroom and the kitchen would be one of the last things you move.

Now, you need a plan of action. When you get ready to move, you need to plan what rooms to move first. Since I already told you, you know that your least important rooms should be moved first. Along with your plan, make sure you have something that your miscellaneous belongings can go in i.e boxes, crates, and containers

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Do you know where your help cometh from? Now we all know that you can not move an entire house by yourself. When you know that you need to move, you need to know who is going to help you nd when. Don’t wait until the last minute and then be stuck out because you have no one to help you. YOU WILL BE SETTING YOURSELF UP!!!! People have to mentally prepare themselves to do heavy lifting. Now this is if you are not hiring movers. This is only if you have people like family or close friends helping you out because if you hire people, they should be there for whatever you hired them for.

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