New Addict: Quarantine Binge Life

My New Addiction

Ok, officially addicted. Just being truthful. 2weeks of my life worth it. Candace is something else. But Veronica, my Lord, what in the world is really going on. Mental health issues. About 15 personalities rolled up into a bag of legal tactics. Dangerous. The Girl is so Dangerous! But I think she’s about to get her due. This crazy bat burned her husband up. She had her son beat up and thrown in jail. This is out of Control. Back to Candace. Where do I start? But I am going to be honest and this may surprise you but I can do without Hanna. I am just saying. But the show would be the show without her. Now Benny is one good looking man but is as dumb as a box of rocks. So much to report. I will post again soon.

~to be continued~

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