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On September 14, the day after they performed at the city's Mercedes-Benz Superdome, JAY-Z and Beyoncé dined at New Orleans' restaurant The Munch Factory, located on Sophie B. Wright Place in the Lower Garden District. Here they are pictured with waiter Lauren Sanders, co-owner Alexis Ruiz, waiter Ryan Williams, co-owner and head chef Jordan Ruiz and waiter Jason Bignar. The Carter's $2.6 million Spanish Baroque home in the Garden District, known locally as "La Casa de Castile," is located just five minutes away from the restaurant. Alexis and Jordan are a husband-and-wife team, and the night of the concert had found Alexis joking with their staff that they were going to stay open late in case Jay and Bey were looking for a spot to visit after the concert. While they didn't visit that night, instead a call came early the next morning from a close friend, Sean Frazier, saying that Bey was looking for a place to eat lunch with her husband, and he had recommended their restaurant to his friend who worked in the singer's camp. To give them privacy, the Ruiz's decided to close their restaurant for a couple of hours to best accommodate the superstar couple. "They didn't ask us to close," Ruiz told The Times-Picayune. "We thought that would be best because we didn't want a scene. We didn't want anyone to infringe on their privacy." While at The Munch Factory the Carters dined on a meal of majority seafood, especially enjoying the Oysters Gentilly (fried oysters over cream spinach topped with onions caramelized in a worcestershire reduction; named for the neighborhood where the Ruiz family proprietors grew up), the shrimp and grits, and the homemade bread pudding. "It was just enough that they came, but it mean a lot that they really did enjoy it. That was so touching," Alexis Ruiz said. "There are 1,400+ restaurants in the city and they came to little old Munch. I told Jay that it means a lot that you guys are here, but I feel that way about everybody that comes. He really seemed to appreciate that comment and I meant it," Ruiz said, adding "but come on, this is like the king and the queen of world!" #JAYZ #Beyonce @themunchfactory

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