The Village: We Need You

The World Lending A Hand

We need each other right now. When I was coming up it took a village. Which was more than just family members. It was teachers, neighbors, and more. When you got in trouble at school it was a number of people who dealt with you before you got home. It was the a village that took care of each other when a family was in need in the neighborhood. Husband went to work. Wives, aunts, mothers, grandmothers were dropping off food and can goods. They were cooking meals to help their neighbors feed not just the children but the entire family. They use to have rent parties for folks that were struggling. In this time “Village” we need you! Where can you help? Who can you help? How can you help? It’s important to know your neighbors, church members, and the parents of your childrens friends. When you be a friend it makes it easier for people to be open with you about struggle. A lot of folks have pride and will not take hand outs but it is all kinds of ways to become a source. You can volunteer at donation sites. You can start a “Go Fund Me”. You can prepare Gift baskets and place them on the porch of someone you know is in a tight place. Toiletries, cleaning products, so many things needed and so many ways to meet the need or at least put a dent in it.  We have to be creative. You can build a virtual team that can stretch further than your arms. Get Creative. You are “The Village” and it takes you!

Scrolling my social media  feeds have truly blessed me during the pandemic. Seeing how employers are making sure their employees can make it. Giving money and more to those that are in a serious struggle. There was one store where a family blessed their cleaning lady with a nice amount of money because everyone was being Quarantine and she would be out of work. I cried as I watched. It was beautiful.  

It is amazing what we can do when we consider others like we consider ourselves. The Village has proven during this time to be one that is very much a live. We just have to keep building it.

The world maybe opening back up, but the struggle is not over.