Easter the Beauty of Family

Easter from Home

Families gathered at home today to Celebrate the death burial and resurrection of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Pastors broadcast from home.  Some went to the building alone and broadcast.  It is a Resurrection Sunday for the History Books.  Amazing.  So many people during this time of COVID-19  have grown closer to their families.  They are eating together, learning together.  They are getting to know their children and learning how to lean on one another.  This is a time that we all as Americans need to be proud of what we have seen.  People dropping food off on their neighbors porches.  Individuals on Facebook is requesting peoples Cash app ids to be able to help each other financially.  Love is everywhere.


The Clark Sisters

Watched this movie today. I had chills through the entire movie. Watching a mother mold these beautiful black women into Gospel Greats was trilling. It made them real to us on a whole new level. Showing how hard work, team work and prayer will open doors.

A mother new her daughters had more to them than just being wives and mothers. I am just gonna say ” Powerful, Moving, and Beautiful!