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I know being trapped in the House can be a little over whelming. If you are a child of God you may just want to try this!


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Cajun Pasta

My Gospel Soul: The Women of Brewster Place (miniseries)

Women of Brewster Place

This Mini-Series is a apart of Our Rich Culture in Film.

Women of Brewster Place

What a Mini-Series! Woke up this morning checked my Instagram and Jackee Harry had posted a seen from Women of Brewster Place.  All kinds of feelings and memories began to flood in.  So I had to watch it.  The Community and personalities captured in the film took me back to a time where minds were still closed to a lot of things.  The story of Mattie Michael took me back to my home town of old time country ways.  When her father got so angry about her not telling him who the real father of her child was.  Before knew he had brutally beat her with a broom handle.  The only thing that stopped him was the sound of a gun fired by his wife.  It was like I had never seen this mini-series before.  But the raw emotions I felt came from how familiar this film was with my own life. 

 So many different social and cultural issues were addressed in this movie.  How we view ourselves as black people  and the social divide among us.  The Household and the roles we play.  The wall that sat as a dead in on that street was very symbolic. Horrible things took place at that wall. and they worked together at the end to tear it down.  Make sure to add this movie to your list of movies for the Stay at Home Order.