Behind Every Legend is a Great Barber

Germichael Richard is originally from Louisiana, but is definitely Houston’s very own Black Smooth the Barber. Ri’Chard is letting us in on the success he has received since giving up his six figure salary as a truck driver to become a future celebrity barber. His passion for growth, business and marketing is what caught my eye via instagram. When he speaks about how powerful being a barber makes him feel, because he is helping people everyday, you can understand his passion.  He understands the plite of the parents who are unable to pay for their children hair to be cut. The average price of a haircut can go from $25 to $50 just for a child. Ri’Chard states, ” I want parents to be able to trust that their child hair is taken care of”. He runs several specials and his marketing is unparallel for a Houston Barber. He uses his walking billboard to advertise and get returning customers in a trade that never goes out of style. If you are in the Houston area or visiting make sure to go and check out Black Smooth the Barber and Ladies he also does eyebrows.

 “I started the watch me grow movement for the kids, because we never know what their going to be. They are our future”. – Black Smooth The Barber