January 29th, Oh What A Day…

It’z Almost Me and My Girl Birthday you guys …

I must admit this article is bias, but hey it’s almost My Birthday. We all can agree The Queen of Media has been an awesome example of how to dominate in an industry that is mostly dominated by men and people who do not look like you. She credits her success to Trust and Faith, which many of us struggle with today. It is important to always shed a light on Women who mentor us rather they know it or not. Oprah has had her own talk show, her own network, production company, written several books, produced and acted in several movies and countless other accomplishments. She is a true Role Model. Let’s always remember Good Works.  Happy Early Birthday Queen.

On a personal note, I personally feel that you should always Trust God’s process and stop trying to make sense of things we do not understand. #TrustHim For more post follow me on Instagram you guys. #ItzMeMaryB

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