Lets get our children healthier

Hello everyone, today I wanted to talk to you all about our children. Sometimes you may hear a story about a child that died while playing a sport or doing something strenuous. Our children aren’t exercising like they should be. A lot of our children are over weight also. Most children don’ t want to exercise because it’s like work for them. We as adults or parents, have to get our children to exercise so they can enjoy life and live a healthier way of life. I have a few ideas that will help us get our children active.

1). Let’s get our children out of the house and away from these video games and cell phones. They spend more of their free time in front of a tv screen playing games or on social media. Let’s get our children out for at least 45 minutes to a hour. You can start by maybe taking them to a park or a track and just walk around. Now you will have to trick them so start a conversation about anything. Something to get their mind off the walk. Keep track of your time so they don’t get bored. You may have to make up things like racing them. Just whatever it takes to get them active.

2). Let’s work on their nutrition. Just like adults should watch what they are eating, children should also. I know kids are in school and can’t really get a proper meal but before they go to school and after they get out of school you can control. You can control food at school if you can get them to take a lunch but it will be hard, try anyway. Children come home and want to eat junk food and not a proper meal. You as the parent should be more involved with how the children eat. Start cooking meals at home to show them a better way and better choices.

With this being said, let’s help our children get active and live healthy.

Celebrating the Life of Sister Ann

Had to take a Moment.

A Beautiful Soul has moved from her ole’ house to her new home in heaven. When I first got my office my mom dropped by. She received a called from Her long time friend Sister Ann. She talked to me and told me she was so proud of me and excited about all the things that I am doing. She has such a wonderful spirit. Love poured from her and that big smile she had. I am referring to her in this manner because Last night I received a called that she had passed away. I haven’t been handling grief well in my life. And this one along with my cousin Gabby has thrown me for a loop.

My prayers are going out for the Whitfield Family. This is a great loss. But we know she loved God and his people. So we celebrate her memory here at My Gospel Soul Magazine!

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